18 22
Derrick Henry was shut down for the week by South Bend (4-3), which allowed the Scraps to take out the league's top team and hand the Ravens (6-1) their first loss in 2021. Tua Tagovailoa proved the doubters wrong once again after a four-touchdown performance in the win. Chicago's Matthew Stafford picked up the slack, but his 3 TD passes weren't enough to continue the streak.
39 17
Is Pittsburgh (5-2) the new team to beat? Tom Brady threw four more touchdowns (What's new?) and Damien Harris ran for 2 more in the rout of New York (4-3) that gave their Spears sole possession of first in the East and a three-game winning streak. Cooper Kupp was on the receiving end of two of those 4 TD passes. The Lynx appeared to have be beaten shortly after kickoff.
23 20
The Bruney Bowl was won by D.C. (3-4) for the second year in a row in yet another tight contest. The win gives the series edge to the Dinosaurs...at least for now. Joe Burrow was outstanding, throwing for 416 yards and 3 touchdowns. Leonard Fournette ran in for another to seal the deal. Graham Gano kept the game interesting late with his 3 FG/2 PAT effort. Derek Carr tossed 2.
30 6
The hush that befell the Arkdale (4-3) crowd was so deafening that there was a steady stream of dejected fans leaving the stadium midway through the third. Will the real Aardvarks please stand up? Miami (3-4) says that they already have and that they exposed the league's early season favorites as charlatans. Aaron Rodgers was nearly 80% and led the Mafia with three TD passes.
14 39
It looks like Central Division ought to be known as the "Norris" once again. Orlando (3-4) shed their label as anemic for the week and embarrassed the Aces (4-3) early and often. Kyler Murray threw 3 TDs in the rout. But, who the hell is D'Ernst Johnson? The pedestrian came out of nowhere to rush 22 times for 146 yards and a score. Ann Arbor could get no footing at all.
25 17
With Josh Allen and Najee Harris sitting on the bench, it was expected that the Peregrines (3-4) would be in for a rough day. However, Devontae Booker and Myles Gaskin did just enough to prop up Missouri and get a vital non-division win on the road. For Canton (1-6), their fifth-straight loss in the always-competitive East may have them preparing for next August's MFL Draft now.

New York

5- 2
4- 3
3- 4
1- 6
Ann Arbor
South Bend

4- 3
4- 3
3- 4
3- 4

6- 1
4- 3
3- 4
2- 5

Current 2021 MFL Statistics

2021 MFL Primer - Most Recent Edition

Home-field disadvantage?
The 2021 MFL season has been an interesting one to say the least. One lens to gaze through is that of home/road records. Thus far, MFL clubs are only 11-25 at home. Not only that, but only two teams are above .500 at home this year: Chicago (2-0) and Ann Arbor (2-1). Meanwhile, four teams are undefeated on the road, including Chicago (4-0). New York, Pittsburgh, and Arkdale are all at 3-0 through six weeks.

"The Missouri Draft Curse" continues with RB Etienne out for year
RB Travis Etienne was drafted by Missouri to be a cornerstone of the revamped Peregrine backfield on Sunday. On Monday, he got hurt only a few plays into a preseason game. On Tuesday, he was shelved for the year. Etienne suffered a lisfranc injury and will miss all of the 2021 season. Missouri did select RB Najee Harris as well, but their expected "1-2 Punch" will now be down to "1". Currently, the only other running back on their roster is Myles "Carole" Gaskin.

Before #1 pick, Flint trades the rest of their draft away
QB Trevor Lawrence is bound to make a big splash in Mid-Michigan this season, but while the high-fives were going down, trades to open the draft went down as well. The Wheelers sent picks #14 and #25 to the Pittsburgh Spears. In return, Flint will have Pitt's second rounder and fourth rounder in 2022 and their fourth rounder in 2023. In addition, the #38 and #50 picks went to Orlando for the Oracles' fourth rounder next season.

Dr. K's "Tweeners" for 2021
Tomorrow, Dr. K releases his preview of the first and second round of the MFL Draft. In between his late-round preview and tomorrow was the final release period before the draft. Therefore, there are always a few players who may be worth of second- or third-round selection that fit the mold as "'tweeners". The shortlist include RBs Darrel Williams and Phillip Lindsay as well as WRs Henry Ruggs III, Corey Davis, Michael Thomas, and Austin Hooper.

Phased out: RB Gordon dropped by Arkdale
Super Bowl runner-up Arkdale was the first team to get busy during the opening of Phase II of Player Releases by cutting RB Melvin Gordon. His salary was to be $8.7 million in 2021 without the move made. Gordon is still regarded as a more-than-capable running back and, according to Dr. K, Gordon will certainly be selected in the first round in a bidding war.

Aces, Peregrines swap first-round picks
Ann Arbor and Missouri made a swap of picks that allows the Peregrines to score the No. 3 choices while the Aces drop two spots to No. 5. Both clubs benefit significantly from the deal; cash-strapped Ann Arbor gets another first rounder in 2022, while defending champs Missouri will have two of the top 3 selections in this month's draft. Later, Missouri dealt their #22, #36, and #48 picks to Miami in exchange for the Mafia's first rounder in 2022.

Watson sent to Pittsburgh
Just one week removed from a second Super Bowl ring, QB Deshaun Watson has been traded to Pittsburgh. The Spears, looking for the heir-apparent to Tom Brady, scored their man by sending Jared Goff, Odell Beckham Jr., and two draft picks to land him. Watson fell to the end of the second round in 2017 because of worries about injuries, but he proved the doubters wrong by securing the starting spot late that season and leading Missouri to the Super Bowl title. This year, however, early struggles led to his benching in favor of Josh Allen, who pulled a Watson and won a Super Bowl title in his own right.

Record breaker! Arkdale sets per game record
By way of their 506 points scored this season, the Arkdale Aardvarks set the new per game scoring average record with 36.1 points per game. Overall, they fell 2 points shy of the 2003 Pittsburgh Spears, who scored 508 points in their undefeated campaign. However, that was with an extra game (15), giving Arkdale the per game record. The 9-5 Varks will travel to Miami next week in their playoff and are shooting to win a second straight Super Bowl.

Kuespert sends flowers to Bruney
Flint head coach Jon Bruney received a bouquet of flowers from Missouri head coach Drew Kuespert after the Wheelers pulled off a massive upset very late that knocked Chicago out of the playoffs and gifted the final spot to the Peregrines. Missouri lost to Arkdale and it appeared as though their season was over. However, stunning losses by both Chicago and South Bend gave the Wild Card to the St. Louis hopeful. Missouri meets historical foe Pittsburgh next week at Heinz Field.

It's been a minute...
Two franchise scoring records were tied in Week Eight. First, Arkdale's Dalvin Cook ran for three touchdowns in their rout of Orlando. The last time an Aardvark rusher scored that many on the ground was just over four years ago, when teammate David Johnson did it in Week Six of 2016. Not to be outdone, Canton receiver Davante Adams caught three touchdowns against South Bend. Amazingly, he was the first Cougars receiver to catch that many in nearly 10 years; Dwayne Bowe caught 3 in Week Ten of 2010. Calvin Johnson also caught three TDs for Canton in 2010. It was in Week Eight, exactly 10 years ago this week.

Week 1
September 9-12
Canton 18, New York 28
Orlando 38, Miami 6
Arkdale 42, Missouri 27
D.C. 22, Pittsburgh 18
Ann Arbor 12, South Bend 48
Chicago 34, Flint 24
Week 8
October 28-November 1
New York at Flint
Canton at South Bend
D.C. at Miami
Pittsburgh at Chicago
Arkdale at Orlando
Ann Arbor at Missouri
Byes: Baltimore,
Las Vegas
Week 2
September 16-20
Flint 19, Canton 36
New York 35, D.C. 18
Pittsburgh 30, Missouri 23
Miami 26, Ann Arbor 44
Arkdale 29, South Bend 24
Orlando 26, Chicago 29
Week 9
November 4-8
Flint at Arkdale
Missouri at New York
Chicago at D.C.
Canton at Miami
Pittsburgh at Ann Arbor
South Bend at Orlando
Byes: Detroit, Seattle,
Tampa Bay, Washington
Week 3
September 23-27
South Bend 30, D.C. 25
Ann Arbor 41, New York 14
Chicago 31, Canton 19
Missouri 35, Miami 17
Flint 15, Orlando 25
Pittsburgh 24, Arkdale 21
Week 10
November 11-15
South Bend at Pittsburgh
D.C. at Missouri
Arkdale at New York
Orlando at Canton
Miami at Flint
Ann Arbor at Chicago
Byes: Chicago, Cincinnati,
Houston, N.Y. Giants
Week 4
September 30-October 4
New York 18, Orlando 9
Missouri 20, Chicago 28
South Bend 22, Miami 34
Canton 23, Ann Arbor 39
Flint 28, Pittsburgh 19
D.C. 20, Arkdale 30
Week 11
November 18-22
South Bend at Missouri
New York at Chicago
Orlando at D.C.
Flint at Ann Arbor
Miami at Pittsburgh
Canton at Arkdale
Byes: Denver,
L.A. Rams
Week 5
October 7-11
Pittsburgh 39, Canton 26
Chicago 38, Arkdale 20
Miami 28, New York 27
Ann Arbor 44, D.C. 39
Missouri 36, Orlando 28
South Bend 40, Flint 20
Week 12
November 25-29
Arkdale at Chicago
Ann Arbor at Miami
D.C. at New York
Missouri at Flint
Orlando at South Bend
Canton at Pittsburgh
Byes: Arizona,
Kansas City
Week 6
October 14-18
Chicago 48, Miami 43
Flint 39, Missouri 26
Arkdale 34, Ann Arbor 9
Orlando 15, Pittsburgh 25
D.C. 32, Canton 22
New York 33, South Bend 23
Byes: N.Y. Jets, New Orleans,
Atlanta, San Francisco
Week 13
December 2-6
Miami at Orlando
South Bend at Ann Arbor
Chicago at Missouri
Arkdale at Flint
New York at Canton
Pittburgh at D.C.
Byes: Carolina, Cleveland,
Green Bay, Tennessee
Week 7
October 21-25
Ann Arbor 14, Orlando 39
Pittsburgh 39, New York 17
Miami 30, Arkdale 6
Missouri 25, Canton 17
Chicago 18, South Bend 22
D.C. 23, Flint 20
Byes: Buffalo, Dallas, Jacksonville,
L.A. Chargers, Minnesota, Pittsburgh
Week 14
December 9-13
Flint at Chicago
Miami at South Bend
Canton at D.C.
Missouri at Arkdale
Orlando at Ann Arbor
New York at Pittsburgh
Byes: Indianapolis, Miami,
New England, Philadelphia
Week 15
December 16-20
MFL Play-In Game
Second-best team not a division champion at
Best team not a division champion

Week 16
December 23-27
MFL Divisional Playoffs
#3 seed* at second-best Division Champion
#4 seed* at best Division Champion
*The team with the better regular-season record between the Play-In Winner
and the worst Division Champ earns the #3 Seed.
Week 17
December 30-January 3, 2022
at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
Divisional Winner vs. Divisional Winner


Phase II of Player Releases
Owners may release players to make more cap room or to make roster spots, including players who retired.

2021 MFL Draft at Buffalo Wild Wings, Angola, Indiana.
Start Time: 2:00pm

Salary & Roster Deadline (Cut Day)
Teams must keep payroll at or under $20 million and roster size at 19 players or under. Players cut after the deadline will still count against the cap.
Deadline: 9:59pm.

Regular and Post-Season

MFL Kickoff Weekend
Weekly starters must submitted via the MFL on ESPN before each respective player's kickoff time.

MFL Trade Deadline
No trades allowed after 9:59pm until the end of the season.

MFL Free Agent and Waiving Deadline
No further player movement after 9:59pm until the end of the season.
(Injury replacement signings not included)


Week Fourteen, the final week of the regular season.

At Miami Gardens, FL.


Phase I of Player Releases begins immediately following conclusion of the Super Bowl.
Player salaries increase by 20% (30% for Super Bowl Champs) requiring clubs to commence player cuts during Phase I in order to keep team salaries under $20 million.
Deadline for all cuts is 9:59pm ET.